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Thermography is a screening tool that uses a specialized, infrared camera to record the body's thermal patterns. This digital imaging allows thermologists to analyze the temperatures as a reflection of normal and abnormal human physiology. Thermography is a non-invasive, painless, state-of-the-art clinical test that does not include radiation exposure. In addition, it can often detect health concerns that practitioners aren't able to find otherwise. Thermography is an excellent option for both men and women looking to monitor their health.



Increasingly popular breast thermography allows women to get a blueprint of their breast health and monitor it without continually exposing themselves to harmful radiation. There is no compression, touching, or pain involved during the imaging. Breast thermography is true early detection as abnormal findings can be discovered years before a lump or bump develop. Early detection allows for a wider variety of treatment options should the screening suggest abnormal function.

woman breast screening
older woman happy breast health results
  • No radiation

  • No compression

  • True early detection before a lump or bump has developed

  • Dense breast tissue is not an issue

  • The armpit/lymphnode area is not left out of the screening

  • Fewer false positives

  • Supports holistic, whole-picture health when imaging the full body (since we are not just isolated parts) so as to find the true source of the health issue 

  • Simple process


An extensive health history is taken before imaging begins. In private, the client undresses completely and puts on a gown. A certified clinical thermographer then takes images of desired regions with the FDA cleared for medical use camera. The client then redresses and can ask questions before the images are sent to the medical doctor thermologists to be read. A full report including the images is sent to the client once completed.  Referrals for any recommended follow-up care are available through Lighthouse Health and Thermography. 

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