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Meet Your Advanced Certified Clinical Thermographers 


Sue Heil

Hello and Welcome! Whether you are familiar with thermography and ready to schedule a scan or checking us out for the first time to learn more about what we offer, welcome!


Working in the nutrition field for many years, I recognize that there are many factors that play a part in our overall health, and they may be affecting us in ways we are not aware of. What a great opportunity to have a screening tool that picks up functional changes in our body early on in the disease process, as well as areas that have been affected for quite some time. Like they say "a picture is worth a thousand words". The images from thermography can help support you in your journey to get to the root cause of your health issues, and we hope to connect you to the resources and options available to get you on the track to optimal health.

Barb Hegge

Hello! Thanks for visiting our Lighthouse Health & Thermography site!

Prevention and holistic health have always been a passion of mine both personally and professionally. Understanding the cues our bodies give us and the innate desire they have to heal when given the proper tools and environment is an ever-evolving field.
My interest in thermography grew out of the love for both its ability to look at the body as a whole and the opportunity it provides individuals to be on the prevention and true early detection side of health.

We “don’t know what we don’t know” is a saying that I find so true! There are very few tools available to allow us to “see inside” the body in a non-invasive way and identify functions that may indicate issues that need to be addressed.

I hope you visit us soon and experience it for yourself!

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Book your thermography scan appointment now and take the first step towards proactive wellness!

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